Warrant of Fitness

WOFs are a vital part of keeping your vehicle road worthy and legal on our roads.

Your vehicle needs a Warrant of Fitness inspection every 6 or 12 months (depending on the age of your vehicle). WOFs exist for a great reason; they ensure your vehicle is safe! Not only that, a WOF inspection is the perfect chance for our team to spot any potential problems with your vehicle. This means you can get them fixed before they become a major problem.

If you are already one of our valued customers then we will send you a reminder in the post just before your WOF is due. Give us a call and get your WOF sorted today.

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What Clients Say

After receiving my WOF reminder in the mail, I gave Wakefield Autos a call to book my car in. They did the WOF and I am good to go again! Great, friendly service! Thanks.
Annie - Wakefield
The team at Wakefield Auto Services are friendly and not only sort my WOFs but give great advice on my vehicle. I would definetly recommend them!
Stuart - Eighty Eight Valley