Fuel, Shop & Friendly Service

Our friendly team are on hand to assist you when you visit. Maybe your windscreen needs a clean or your tyres need some air or your oil needs a top up. Whatever you need, we are always happy to help!

We stock a wide range products including drinks, snacks, chocolate, party ice, automotive supplies and even some essential hardware items. It’s definitely worth a browse through the shop to see what we have to offer!

Remember to scan your Caltex App, Fly Buys or Airpoints card to save on fuel now, stack for later and earn rewards!

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What Clients Say

After receiving my WOF reminder in the mail, I gave Wakefield Autos a call to book my car in. They did the WOF and I am good to go again! Great, friendly service! Thanks.
Annie - Wakefield
The team at Wakefield Auto Services are friendly and not only sort my WOFs but give great advice on my vehicle. I would definetly recommend them!
Stuart - Eighty Eight Valley